About Us

The founding member stems from a long linage of plumbers. Emile Paarwater has further studied and worked within the Engineering Sector.

The combination of these two skill sets, and his experience gained from it, has heightened his passion, curiosity, expertise and knowledge in maintaining ongoing progress in technological changes within the Plumbing Sector. With special interest afforded to Commercial, Retail and Industrial Plumbing.

The concept of Brilliant Plumbing was founded and developed 7 years ago, with many years of experienced gained.

Brilliant Plumbing has over the past seven years, kept abreast with the latest changes in Plumbing Systems, thus constantly re-evaluating and adjusting their skills, equipment and methodology, in ensuring that they are able to effectively and effciently deal with any plumbing emergency.

Brilliant Plumbing (Pty) Ltd prides themselves, on advising clients, as a value added Preventative Service. The main purpose hereof, is ensuring that your current plumbing infrastructure does not let you down with the quantity of traffc using it. We take this into account when doing the analysis and report to you via a propose solutions report, that essentially reduces the need for Emergency Plumbing Services.