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Our Services


Drain Cleaning
We have a dedicated drain cleaning unit to service any kind of drain emergency no matter the size. With on board hydro jetting machine/electro mechanical machine as well as our trusty traditional drain rods
Grease Trap Design
Our grease traps are designed according to your needs and in line with all municipal by laws. Our grease traps come with both our workmanship guarantee and maintenance plan.
Grease Trap Installation and Maintenance
We supply, fit and maintain all grease trap systems in and around Cape Town
• Water Audits & Water Saving Solutions
Like the energy counterpart, are an important first step towards understanding both a facilities water use and what can be done to reduce it. We trace water use from its point of entry into the facility through its discharge into the sewer. Not knowing where your water goes can be costly.
• High Pressure Washing Solutions
Our mobile high pressure unit is able to high pressure wash a variety of services using non potable water
• Insurance Repairs
We are currently on first assists panel of service providers and shortly joining more panels to give you insurance covered result and damage plumbing services.
• Household Maintenance and Renovations
We have dedicated household plumbing teams in and around the Cape Town area. These teams are available 24/7 and offer everything from emergency plumbing to bathroom and kitchen renovations.